We will discuss with the client the best way forward on their campaign, the messages they want to get across and what they want to achieve. Our team includes journalists who know what the media are looking for and can create interest, to get the best possible result.

Business Development

In the current climate, most businesses are looking for more sales or to expand their client base. We will help identify growth sectors with a need for your specific business and try to put the two together, whilst building relationships for longer term partnerships.

Marketing Strategy and Communications

Sometimes PR is just not enough and it takes lateral and creative thinking to develop opportunities to raise the profile and brand of your business. How you stand out from the crowd and continue to grow in one area or your whole business takes careful consideration and planning.

Crisis Management

Where lateral thinking plays its most crucial role, we have advised businesses that are leading international players in their fields, as well as institutional bodies, on everything from prospective legislation at national and European level to high profile controversy.

Editorial Content

Getting the message across clearly and grabbing the attention of the reader, whatever the content, is key. We pride ourselves on creating original ideas from scratch, as well as redirecting existing messages where necessary, for websites, reports, newsletters or company brochures.

Media Launches and Event Planning

Our experience and expertise will ensure the whole thing goes smoothly. Whether it’s a media launch, a preview or other gathering, we know how to keep everything behind the scenes flowing, so that your public face delivers to the max. Creating excitement whilst delivering an understated event is our goal.


We can help get you in front of the right companies to fit with your brand. If you are running an event or exhibition and are looking for sponsorship partners or if you are a sport provider looking for a sponsorship partner with regards to your corporate business, we can advise you how, when and who to approach. Or we can do it for you. Please contact us for more details.

1:1 Mentoring for Artists and Creatives

If you are not yet at the stage with your business where you can outsource your PR and Marketing, but feel you would benefit from a 1-1 session whereby you have someone to bounce ideas off and ensure you are doing everything you can in terms of raising your own brand and profile, this might be for you. Think of it as if you were flicking through the pages of ‘the little black book’. Short cuts, insider information into media and how, when and what, lateral thinking ideas and the right people to speak to. Please contact us for more details.