Lucas Field Media are a boutique media consultancy, who have been operating since 2007, helping businesses across a range of disciplines to develop their marketing, client base and PR strategies, with a view to positioning themselves at the forefront of their sectors.

We have worked with a broad spectrum of clients, including Luxury Property, Art, Sport, Charity, Education and Digital Media and have achieved print, broadcast, online and specialist coverage on a local, national and international level. We have also developed new business ideas, which have led directly to revenue generating commissions.

We deliberately keep our team small, co-opting appropriate specialist expertise where required, so that we can build close relationships with clients at a personal level. This approach also allows us to adapt quickly, cut through unnecessary bureaucracy and capitalise immediately on any unexpected opportunity that may arise for a client.

What makes us different from the rest?

  • We don’t outsource work unless absolutely necessary, so we have total control of the job and we do not delegate the job to a ‘junior’.
  • We aim to tailor our time to match the brief, delivering results in whichever way is necessary.
  • We pride ourselves on creating opportunities for our clients, above and beyond the brief.
  • From a PR perspective, much of the creative material passed on to other journalists is reproduced almost word for word, giving us better control of the message that our clients want to get across. We focus on creating articles rather than releases.
  • We won’t say we will do something if we can’t.
  • We focus on product placement as well as editorial coverage.